Supporting Children Impacted by Domestic Abuse

Early trauma informed support to help children impacted by domestic abuse

The Programme for Children & Young People

This programme has been put together by clinical and trauma informed experts to ensure children impacted by domestic abuse are able to access early trauma informed help. Each session has been carefully crafted so children can learn about how their body and brain works together, and what happens when they are feeling safe and unsafe. Children will learn discreet strategies they can use to help their body and brain feel calm. 

The impact data and case studies demonstrates that this programme makes a statistical significant difference to children's lives.  

The programme is suitable for children aged 5-16 years and can be delivered on a 1:1 or group basis. There are 6 sessions in this programme and each session  is 45-60 minutes. The impact of the programme is measured using the Emotional Awareness Questionnaire pre and post programme. 

Facilitators will have access to all of the pre-assessment documents, session manual, trauma informed animations and worksheets. You can print and download the files. Everything you need is at your finger tips. The unlimited clinical consultation provides support for facilitators. 

Please note:

The programme does not ask children to talk about their experiences of domestic abuse and there is no reference to domestic abuse in the video animations or worksheets. This is a pure trauma informed programme that supports children to learn how they can help their body and brain to feel safe. 

Facilitators are asked not to ask children about their experiences of domestic abuse or re-tell their story at any time. This re-traumatises children. Please follow your safeguarding procedures if a child makes any disclosures. 

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Session Outline

1: Calm Breathing

2: My Brain

3. My Senses

4. Feelings

5. Calming Strategies

6. Feeling Safe Plan

Self Directed Learning Modules

After completing the 2 day core training you are eligible to complete the online self-directed learning modules. After completing these modules you will be accredited to deliver the programme to support children impacted by domestic abuse. You can only access the programme after you have completed and paid for your training. 

The training will take approximately 5 hours to complete.


Module 1
What is domestic abuse & violence?
  • Aim

To have a shared understanding of domestic abuse and violence

Module 2
Living beyond domestic abuse
  • Aim

Insight into what commonly happens to children during & after the abuse

Module 3
Daily experiences, fear & losses
  • Aim

A deeper understanding of a child’s daily fears, losses and pressures

Module 4
Experiences of their parents
  • Aim

Increased insight into the child’s experiences of their parents

Module 5
A trauma sensitive practitioner
  • Aim

The necessity of being a safe, regulating & healing energy

Module 6
The programme’s resources
  • Aim

To explore the programme’s sessions and resources

Accessibility: No Child is Left Behind


Subtitles & BSL

Special Educational Needs
Welsh subtitles & text


Trauma Informed Animations

Carefully put together, we have created trauma informed animations for each session. Each aspect has been forensically analysed to reduce the risk of triggering children and ensure they can access the content safely. 


As an accredited facilitator, you will need to do the following each year:

  • Deliver at least one programme,
  • Attend at least one CPD session;
  • Access your own supervision;
  • Submit evaluation forms;
  • Pay your annual membership.
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£900 (excl VAT) per person 

This includes access to one programme. 

£250 (excl VAT) to access additional programmes

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