I have completed the 3 day training course before, do I need to do the new 2 day core course?
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No. You will be provided access to the self-directed learning modules for the courses you are already accredited to deliver. You can complete the online training if you would like.

If you want to become accredited to deliver any new courses, you will need to pay an additional fee of £250 (excl VAT) and complete the course. 

Do I have to attend the two-day core training course?
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Yes. Despite experience or qualifications, everyone that wishes to become a facilitator must attend all training sessions and complete the training in 3 months. 

How long do I have to complete the self-directed learning modules?
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Once you have completed the initial 2-day core training, you will be required to complete your self-directed learning modules within 30 days. You must complete your modules in 30 days.

Who can become a Healing Together facilitator?
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We have criteria to ensure all facilitators have the relevant skills and knowledge to support the children, and deliver the programme skilfully. You do not need to be a trained therapist. This programme is designed to be delivered in schools and wider community settings.

Can the Healing Together programme be delivered online with children?
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Yes it can, if the facilitator feels comfortable to do so. We recommend that you put in place a document that can guide you to ensure you consider safeguarding. Our team can support you with this. 

Is the Healing Together programme evidence based?
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The programme is grounded in evidence based practice as it draws upon attachment and  neuroscience. The programme was developed by our team of psychologists and childhood trauma expert, Jane Evans.
Impact is measured using the Emotional Awareness Questionnaire. We have permission from the author to use the questionnaire, and it has been screened by professor Dr Clare Fox. We also measure the impact of the training via pre and post training surveys.
Innovating Minds has been working with children impacted by domestic abuse since 2016. Therefore, we have applied our learning experiences. 
What is the application process?
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You will be asked to complete the application form and seek one reference.  Once we confirm your application, you will be asked to book on to your training course.
Click here for more details.

Are the children asked to role play abusive behaviour?
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No. We do not believe that it is ethical to ask children to role play abuse they may have been exposed to. Even if the child opts out, it is not in their best interest to watch their peers role playing abuse.  This method can re-traumatise children and it will not help children to process their trauma. 


Does the Healing Together programme include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)?
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No it doesn't. To find out why, click here

Can the Healing Together programme be delivered to children that are not impacted by domestic abuse?
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Yes. Many children impacted by domestic abuse will experience angry feelings or ongoing stress and anxiety. To support our Healing Together Facilitators, we have expanded our library of programmes to provide specialist knowledge and resources of how to support CYP experiencing these feelings.

The resources (i.e. information sheets and leaflets)  in the online portal have been updated.  

Please speak with the team about the new programmes and your chance to upskill.

Who can deliver the group sessions?
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We recommend that two people facilitate each group session. The lead facilitator (certified facilitator) and a co-facilitator (with relevant experience). We believe that people should have the opportunity to learn from each other. We hope the co-facilitator progresses to a lead facilitator in the future.

Is there separate training to deliver the primary (6-11 years) or secondary programme (11 to 16 years)?
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No, everyone will attend the same training despite the programmes they wish to deliver.

Can I use the Healing Together resources within another context?
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No. The resources can only be used as part of the Healing Together programme as they are specifically designed for it. Please do not use the resources/exercises outside of the programme or in another context.

How many children can be in a group?
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In order to maintain safety and quality, we cap the group numbers at:

Primary group programme: 5 children maximum
Secondary group programme: 6 children maximum

Can siblings attend the same group?
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No. Everybody’s experience of domestic abuse is unique and therefore siblings need their own safe space to start their journey of recovery. Having a sibling in the same group can impact their ability to engage effectively in the group.

Yes, but only if the children are attending the Healing Together programme to support with their ongoing stress and/or anxiety.

Do parents need to provide consent?
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Yes. We recommend that parents/caregivers provides consent for their child to engage in the Healing Together programme. We provide you a consent form to use, but feel free to use your own. 

Is there information for parents/cares available?
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It is important parents/carers feel comfortable with their child attending the Healing Together programme. The online portal includes a leaflet for parents/carers and a video. These resources provide lots of information. 

Watch the video: click here

I am nervous about getting started. Where do I begin?
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If you have not yet trained to become a Healing Together facilitator then please contact our team who can help answer your questions and give you a product demonstration - click here.

If you are already an accredited facilitator and need some support with delivery of the programme, please speak with our Support Team.
Email: healingtogether@innovatingmindscic.com