Domestic Abuse: Parents & Carers

Resourcing parents and carers to support children affected by domestic abuse

Programme Delivery for Parents & Carers

This programme has been put together by clinical and trauma informed experts to ensure that parents and carers, children and young people affected by domestic abuse are able to access early trauma informed help.

Each session has been carefully crafted so that  parents and carers can learn about how their body and brain works together, their feelings and senses. Along with strategies they can use to help themselves and the children and young people they care for, make the body and brain feel safe.

A calm and simple way of learning to regulate, to start to heal and enjoy life with their children again. 

The programme, delivered remotely or face to face, is suitable for parents and carers and can be delivered on a 1:1 or group basis. There are 6 sessions in this programme and each session  is 45-60 minutes.  

Please note:

If a facilitator has trained in both Domestic Abuse programmes (CYP and Parents/Carers), then joint delivery is possible.

Facilitators will have access to all of the pre-assessment documents, session manual, trauma informed animations and worksheets. You can print and download the files. Everything you need is at your finger tips. Unlimited coaching consultation provides support for facilitators to deliver the programme.

Please note:

The programme does not ask anyone to talk about their experiences of domestic abuse and there is no reference to domestic abuse in the video animations or worksheets. This is a pure trauma informed programme.

 Please follow your safeguarding procedures if anyone makes any disclosures. 

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Session Outline

1: Calm Breathing

2: My Brain

3. My Senses

4. My Feelings

5. Calming Strategies

6. Feeling Safe Plan

Accessibility: No Child is Left Behind


Subtitles & BSL

Special Educational Needs
Welsh subtitles & text


Trauma Informed Animations

Carefully put together, we have created trauma informed animations for each session. Each aspect has been forensically analysed to reduce the risk of triggering children and ensure they can access the content safely. 

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