Support Hub

The exclusive Support Hub is for accredited Healing Together Facilitators.

Innovating Minds is leading the way to ensure individuals working therapeutically with children have access to clinical support and ongoing CPD.

Inside the Support Hub

Clinical support from qualified professionals.
Quality CPD throughout the year. You will never miss one.
Videos demonstrating how to deliver each Healing Together session.

Upcoming Events

Thursday 19th November at 4pm

Child Criminal & Sexual Exploitation

Join Nikki Holmes (owner of Safer Together), to learn about the victim offender overlap and practical steps that can be taken to prevent exploitation and free children from cycles of abuse. 

Tuesday 24th November at 4pm

Festive Season: Through the Eyes of Trauma

Join Jane Evans (Childhood Trauma Expert) to learn how the festive season can be a challenging time for children and families that have experienced trauma.

Tuesday 8th December at 4pm

Youth Gaming & Gambling Awareness: Harm Prevention

Join Lucy Gardner (Education Manager, Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust), to learn about gaming and gambling amongst young people and the potential harms they face.

Thursday 10th December at 4pm

Using Language to Build Strong Connections

Join Childhood Trauma expert Jane Evans to find out how words always matter and that language can build strong connections.

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We will be publishing more CPD and support sessions soon.