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Breathing is a handy tool. We always have it with us. It can help our bodies to feel calm and relaxed. It is a strategy we can do discreetly. Through understanding how our breathing can help us, children are more likely to use this strategy to feel calm and relaxed. 

My Brain

The hand held model (Dr Dan Siegel) supports children to understand how their brain responds to big feelings like fear. 

My Senses

This session explains how our senses can help us feel safe. It is important to know what our body likes and dislikes. We can use our senses to help our body and brain feel safe and relaxed. 

Safe & Well Plan

The safe and well plan brings together all of the important information the child has learnt from the programme. Children can chose to keep their plans to help them remember how their body and brain works together to keep them safe. 


Do I need to be a qualified therapist to deliver the Healing Together programme?
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No, you do not need to be a qualified therapist. You must have experience of working with children and young people and be willing to work from a trauma informed approach. 

How long is the Healing Together Facilitators training?
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3 days. You must attend all three days of training to become an accredited Healing Together facilitator. 

What is the age range?
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The Healing Together programme is suitable for children aged 6-16 years old.

The child is still living with the abusive individual, can they attend the programme?
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No, it is not safe for the child to attend the programme whilst they are still living in a household with the abusive individual. 

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