Facilitators Training

The Facilitator’s Training Programme is wrapped around robust support, training and access to all the resources for you to confidently deliver the Healing Together programme.

Facilitators Training

Gain accredited status by attending the two day core training delivered  via Zoom, and complete the self-directed learning modules. 

Please note the content of the training can be upsetting and triggering for delegates. Therefore, if you are currently going through any difficulties please consider whether the course is suitable for you at this moment in time. If you are unsure, please contact a member of our team to discuss further. info@innovatingmindscic.com  

Across the 2 days  you will be exposed to the research and literature that supports the implementation of a trauma informed approach. 

Training Dates

Day 1

  • What is childhood trauma
  • The impact of childhood trauma
  • Supporting trauma reactions using a body based approach 
  • Trauma triggers and creating a safe environment 

Day 2

  • Exploring the Healing Together programmes and resources 
  • The art and benefits of 'being with' rather than 'doing to' 
  • Becoming a trauma sensitive Healing Together practitioner 

Training Etiquette

We are fortunate enough to offer our training online. However to ensure the best quality of training we can, we ask participants to follow our training etiquette. 

Training etiquette


As an accredited facilitator, you will need to do the following each year:

  • Deliver at least one programme,
  • Attend at least one CPD session;
  • Submit evaluation forms;
  • Pay your annual membership.


£900 (excl VAT) per person 

This includes access to one programme. 

£250 (excl VAT) to access additional programmes

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